Using the map tools

The map tools will be used to record your information on weeds for your project.  Once identified, weed control can be monitored, assigned for control and record any controls which have been carried out.  The map tools can also be used to record relevant features, tracks and work hours.  

Moving around the map

You can pan around the map by clicking and dragging anywhere on the map. Use the icons in the top left corner of the map to zoom to your desired mapping area


Zoom in


Zoom out

Make the map full screen

Exit full screen

Understanding the map tools

The map tools can be found at the top, right of the map.  You can see the name of each tool by hovering the mouse over the icon.


Drawing a shape with the map tools

  1. To start drawing a polygon on the map, click on the polygon tool to activate it.
  2. With the polygon tool active, click on the corners of the area that you want to manage.  This will define the boundaries of your shape.  
  3. To finish, click on the first marker to close the shape.