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Adding a control or check

To add a control or check, zoom or pan the map so that the location of the weeds you wish to add is visible. When you Press the image-1628196606427.png button at the bottom left it will turn into a image-1628196656062.png (press the X if you wish to cancel adding).

Next, either tap a single weed or drag your finger across the weeds that you want to add a control or check to - A rectangular guide will show the area of weeds to be selected:


Make sure the weeds you want to select are completely within the rectangle.  When you take your finger off the screen the selected weeds will be highlighted.  Tap the image-1628196823678.png to add a control or check.

image-1628196855131.png image-1628196871898.png image-1628196906307.png

Use the tabs at the top switch from adding a control to a check.  When you have entered the information you need to press and hold the save button - the button will turn green and the form will disappear when the control or check has been added - it will be applied to all weeds selected.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You can record the PPE you have used when carrying out a chemical control.  A drop down list is available for both mixing and application phases of the task.   The list is shown below.  You can tick none or all of the listed items.