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Project settings

If you have created your own project, or are an administrator of a project, you can change project settings.


  1. Go to My Projects and click on the name of your project.
  2. Click Settings in the project menu.
  3. The AboutLocation, and Sharing tabs allow you to edit the information you entered when creating the project.  
  4. The Species and Herbicides tabs are described below.

Using the Species tab

WeedManager is preloaded with a list of weed species.  You can customise this to make a shortlist for quick and easy access when adding weeds via the website or the app.

  1. Click the Species tab to select weed species you are managing for this project. 
    • Weed species not listed here can still be managed, but selected species will be shortlisted to appear at the top of the lists.
  2. To add a weed to the shortlist, start typing its name (either common or scientific).  Matching weeds will appear in the dropdown.
  3. Select the weed and click Add another weed species to add additional species, or click Save to finish.  
    • If a weed does not match the preloaded list, double check the spelling.  


Using the Herbicides tab

WeedManager is preloaded with a list of herbicides and allows you to create customised herbicide mixes.

  1. Click the green + Add new mix button.
  2. Give your mix a helpful Name (eg. “Blackberry TBXT”) and optionally a more detailed Description.
  3. Under Mix you can create a custom mixture.
    • Select the first Herbicide product you want to include in your mixture
    • Choose the Amount per 10 litres (in ml or g)
    • Click Add herbicide ingredient and repeat for the remaining ingredients.
    • Choose an Application Method
  4. When your new mixture is complete click Save to finish.


As an example, you should see something like this after creating a mix or two


Adding new Species or Herbicides

If you want to add a Species or Herbicide which isn’t included, please contact us with the relevant details via either: