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Joining a project

  1. Click Find projects in the top menu (or click the green Find a project to join button at the bottom of the My projects page).
  2. To search for a project you can either:
    • Search for a project using the Project name contains … text box beneath the map, or
    • Use the map to zoom to an area of the map. All public projects will show on the map.  Click on the project area and the name will popup.
  3. Click on the name of the project to go to the projects page.
  4. Click the orange Request Membership button to contact the administrator of the project.  
    • Optionally add a message (for example, who you are if the administrator won’t recognise your email address).
  5. Click the green Confirm button. An email will be sent to the administrator of the project.  
  6. You will be notified when the request has been approved and the project will appear under the My projects menu.