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Using a Work area to select weeds for an action

A work area can be used to group a number of weeds into an area for management by volunteers or contractors.  Under the Weed tab your map, and a list of weeds will appear in your project area with a filter tool.  

Filter by Work area
  1. Click in the Work area box and select a work area.  
  2. Click the Filter weeds button.image-1628141761544.png
  3. The list below will show only the weeds occurring in that work area.  
  4. Select (tick) the weeds you wish to apply an action to (control, check, assign or delete)
Assign member

A member of the project can be assigned to a specific weed, or the weeds within a work area.  You can assign a member to a weed in three different ways:

Applying an action on the project home page:  

  1. Select the weeds you wish to assign, choose Assign members as your action and click Apply to selected items


  2. Choose a member(s) you wish to assign and click Apply.


Directly editing a weed:

  1. Using the edit button next to a weed: